Sexuality is a journey for the initiated.

A tantra massage evolves you as a woman, and facilitates your heart opening, giving you a clearer outlook on life, and deeper more fulfilling orgasms.

This type of sexual massage will set you on this journey, or boost your energy if you are already evolving. It will assist you with your relationships, at every level, intimate and plutonic.

With regards to troubled pasts, blocks with sex or intimacy even ego based control problems, these can be overcome through heart opening tantric style massage.

Try the Tantra Masturbation Exercise to start your journey >>

Full attention is give to the breath and the wave of energy that moves through your body and develops to orgasm through stimulation to the G spot and body.

My tantric massage with Daniel was an experience that lingered with me for days afterwood.  He created a space for me to unfold into the sexual being I have always been and allowed me to open myself to sensual pleasure without the limitations of fear or judgement.  After the massage I felt the world in a sensory way; the wind on my skin and the sky in my eyes had a potency and delicious lightness which I felt all through my body.  The experience has awakened a sexual freedom in me and given me the desire to explore the practise of tantra thoroughly. I am left simply grateful for this new beginning,
Anna – Melbourne

Try a bliss massage and a lesson in breathing techniques to enhance you sexual pleasure. This learning experience gives you long term abilities with any future sexual partners.

Woman carries an intrinsic, infinite capacity for orgasm, pleasure and bliss. Sadly, her natural potential has been neglected due to repression of the feminine energy and a lack of sexual understanding in our society. We live in a world where the sexual imbalance in women is creating disease, struggle and fear in the collective psyche.
Martina – Tantric B

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