A school girl fantasy for women.

Let’s dress up and let go the naughty girl.

Your teacher is here and such a stern man.

Its the deep voice and the commanding glare that gets you isn’t it?

  • Have you done your homework?
  • Are you looking to be punished for insolent behaviour?
  • Are you looking wear your school uniform again?
  • Is your skirt too short and your underwear too wet for class?

Well then you will need to be held back for detention.

This is a fantasy to remember!

The school girl fantasy for the men.

To be cross dressed in a school girl uniform and treated like a good girl, a bad girl or to act up and play insolent and defiant?

  • What would YOUR punishment be?
  • A spanking on the bottom?
  • Writing lines in the corner?
  • Getting sent to clean the toilets?
  • Having to walk through the park in your outfit?

Maybe you would like to be the teacher and have your school girl over your knee for a spanking? Daniel may even let you.. Lets face it, the possibilities are endless with a fantasy about school girl dresses.

Tell Daniel about your fantasy and see what sort of party you can create: