I am looking for that missing piece, the man I can be completely and totally myself with and can belong to on a level far beyond that I have experienced.

A relationship that also real time shared getting to know each other on every level.

I guess I want a soul mate who can give a good spanking.

The man I search for will possess an innate maleness / dominant nature and be at ease with that part of himself – exuding this presence with confidence and comfort he doesn’t need to prove his power by resorting to humiliation and fear to establish a relationship based on loving obedience.

He also knows what and who he is and what and who is he looking for and is wise enough to choose a woman that has the ability to meet his needs, desires and to grow with him.  He does not settle or stop exploring himself or me and is always looking at ways to deepen and test the limits and bond of the relationship to find deeper pleasure and intimacy.  He is experienced in relationships and in life in general, intelligent, self aware, intuitive, honest, able to communicate the simple to the complex clearly and articulately.  He is aware of every element of my full self and listens and observes all things as is his right.

He is well rounded and real – with life, family, and interests on a wide variety of topics and encourages me the same fullness of living to make me the best I can be for both him and myself.  He wants a woman who is able to share completely and is not afraid of her vulnerability, desire or intelligence.  He is secure within himself and confident in his role as her protector, leader, teacher, lover, and with her acknowledgement of his superiority and ownership of her.

This is not a game or power trip for him – not a causal recreational lifestyle choice.  He is clear about his dominant nature and the pleasures and completeness of functioning in that role for me as a woman.  He never seeks to humiliate me only to firmly and lovingly guide to encourage me to be true to him and myself.

In this honest exchange he shows me always that my nature and desires are appreciated and respected within our union and uses his experience and wisdom to unlock the deeper needs and wants I am not always aware exist.  He is demonstrative physically, verbally and emotionally and he takes my needs, hopes, fears seriously as we grow closer and more intimate.  He respects me and makes that respect clear to me in word and deed even when he is strict.

He challenges and tests boundaries with an assertive and forceful hand but always takes into consideration where I need comfort and reassurance – and he provides this without hesitation.  He praises my willingness to try, to give, to love him without reservation and in doing so he unlocks layer upon layer of love and desire I want to give.  He knows that physical sex is not the only element of exploration – he wants to claim me on all levels.  He is REAL and wants to develop a connection and intimacy sex.

He is patent and consistent in how he gets to know me and introduces new experiences.  He LISTENS.  I feel I am giving to him and learning to accept from him without self judgement and he encourages me to look to him for approval and honest sharing about how I am progressing.

But ultimately he will be the right man for me for the elusive and complex reasons any woman falls truly in love – he is that “fit” that piece of the puzzle that innately makes sense and feels right from the first instant.

All the feelings, thoughts, desires combine with that indefinable feeling of melting, craving, peace, wholeness that exists just from looking into his eyes, feeling his touch, hearing his voice or laugh.  Breathing is easier, sunshine and stars are brighter and the unknown is an exciting adventure when it means being held close to him.

A Few Extras

“The masculine can talk all he wants to the feminine: what she wants is to dance.  She wants to surrender herself totally in the dance of love, in the bodily, emotional and sometimes sexual communion of love, with a partner who is likewise surrendering.  And when she knows love absolutely, when her body is filled with love, when she is moved and breathed by love, then her search is over.” Amen

“A deep man of integrity takes your heart into his heart as he navigates, fine-tuning his actions while feeling your heart’s response, always valuing your feedback.  But his navigation is not relinquished or weakened by your feedback or anyone’s.”

Men are terrified of a woman’s depth of love and the energy that moves as a woman’s sexuality and emotions.  And, at the same time, men want nothing more in this life than to merge completely with a woman’s devotional love and wild energy.

Few men are capable of entering a woman’s heart and opening her body to God’s bliss, but few women are capable of offering their heart and body to be claimed open in this way.

You don’t want a rigid man, but you want a man whose heart’s courage and authentic truth runs deep.  You want a man who feels you, listens to you, considers everything you have said, and then claims you, taking you to where you couldn’t tell him to take you, even if you tried.  He takes your heart to new depths of adventure and openness, and he shows you new aspects of life.

A woman ready for opening deeply in two-bodied devotion won’t settle for less.

She has matured to know the sublime pleasure of surrendering open to be lived as the untamed force of love, so she chooses a man whose command takes her deeper and beyond where she even trusted was possible.