An excerpt from the commentary about Male Sex Workers, “Over a year ago I hired a male for sex”.

I had great difficulty finding an agency who supplied males for females.

When I did the only option was to have the person to come to my house. It seems that there was no brothel type facility for females.

Having spoken to other women they too would prefer to be able to go to somewhere where they could have a drink, talk to others & have sex somewhere other than their own home.

The sex worker I hired cost me $320 for one hour & quite frankly the sex was ordinary.

Needless to say I have not used this service again.

Women are not more comfortable in their own home. This was the reasoning given by the brothel owner from whom I hired the worker.

I would use a brothel set up in a manner suiting women, as would every other woman I spoke to. Most of them would not hire a man to come to their house or book a hotel for this purpose..

Good luck to the woman who takes up the challenge.

KLA | Melbourne.

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