Your G Spot orgasm is a deeper and different experience to the clitoral orgasm.

Now do understand that such a complex topic, is best communicated by a woman, and can only be understood truly by experience.

As a professional and a facilitator of the wonderfully sensual G Spot orgasm, Daniel understands, and assists women in allowing this type of orgasm to surface, through direct stimulation.

Truly it can be an amazing experience, with a deep satisfaction surfacing, and such an internal ‘shuddering’ occurring, and triggering all sorts of sounds, shrieks, squeals, sexual expression, juices and more…

G Spot orgasms can be hidden from some women, and many men have no idea how to help women discover the secrets behind letting go to this sexual pleasure.

If you have interest or perhaps have felt a touch of this pleasure and indeed desire more, then contact Daniel for an appointment.

Stimulation of the G-spot leads to female ejaculation.

As to the topic of female ejaculation, there is no doubt it occurs. Many women experience a feeling of fear before the ejaculation, if you possess the desire to experience the full possibility of G Spot and ejaculatory pleasure, then do allow yourself to face the fear, and physically letting go of the juices will support this pleasure.

We must give further credit to the the research and information on G Spot Orgasms and related Sexual findings here.