A spanking starts lightly, and often has a pre-considered and defined amount attached to it (say 100, or even 1000)

Your spanking can be with an item of your choice, or with the bare hand.

It can be on your bottom, as it would be as a beginner.

As you progress, your spanking can be inclusive within a role play scene, such as schoolmaster – student, parent – child, master – slave.

PRINT-50-PHOTOSYou would have a defined safe word that enables you to control both the volume as well as the applied pressures, letting me know how you were travelling as you progressed.

The goal is to let go of control and sink into a submissive state.

This submissive state will allow you to explore a time of peace, tranquility, and perhaps feelings that are sexual in nature.

This state can be the platform for a sexual encounter if you desire.