Many adults arrive at a stage in their lives where they realise ‘something is missing’ or they are missing out on something.

Are you finding that you feel incomplete after or during sex?

Is sex ‘not enough’ for you anymore?

Or are you simply not getting enough sexual expression in your life?

Daniel Landon offers a positive change through sexuality.

Talk to Daniel Landon to experience the lighter side of life through sexuality…

“It is not really my fault but somehow I keep on blaming myself and losing confidence as a woman!”

This is the type of thought process that can burden you with self doubt and waste your precious life. You can change your thinking and  ‘open up’ to something more positive and grow organically and sexually.

Here is a transcript of a conversation on the topic by Daniel Landon and a woman like you.

(printed with permission)

How are you going to learn more about sexuality?

Im not sure yet…. I am looking for something that gives me some more confidence.. makes me feel more sexual. more feminine…. It’s hard when you have a load of responsibility everyday at work.

Do you think your journey of becoming more feminine is not necessarily what you do, but the approach you have, to what you do and to your relationships?

Possibly. I have not really felt sexual at all lately. So im not sure.

What about if you forget the notion of feminine attaching to sex or sexuality… then start again – thinking about the possibility of two co-existing forces… MASCULINE  and FEMININE… then think about how the 2 energy forces play out to each other … obviously they match perfectly – correct?

yes they do….

So in a way, a woman operating in a role traditionally fulfilled by a man, is a perfect match… (assuming the premise that this role is a masculine energy…)

You are right, wow.

OK with that?


So, then as an example, think about 2 magnets… they are never trying to manipulate the other polarity in any way.. they always attract to the opposites,, and always repel when are in the same poles.. so .. positive and positive always repel each other and negative and positive always come together… they fit perfectly, and complete a natural law of nature. so the same can be achieved with M and F – like the girl with the wet pussy is perfectly balanced when working in  masculine enviroments. Can you see that?

Far out, i feel rather young and silly right now. Yes i can see that.

Thats great… its true, what you feel is your feminine side… and thats the place to begin… keep that energy now as long as you can. forget sexuality., you are sexual in that energy.. does that make sense?