A frank disclosure letter to Daniel Landon on a random summer morning…

A number of women are afraid to know themselves as a sexual being and hold back on what is the most beautiful experience in life due to training or assumed thought patterns.

It’s a sad state – if it changes the world will be different.

To know oneself is to know all aspects of who you are and what you desire – without guilt.

So sad to discover so many woman have never experienced an orgasm or what if feels like to have a multiple in fear of letting go and being seen as vulnerable or dirty.

Men have anxiety of performing and pleasing a woman instead of just opening up and flowing with the experience without thought.

How profound that the most natural animal experience of our life has become such a misunderstood aspect to who we are.

Many woman would fear you, judge you or be infatuated by you – you are actually more of a sexual counsellor.

I will pay anything to have an orgasm and feel alive and I want nothing more then to be able to have that experience with the man I love.

Talk to me Daniel.

Nyree (Anonymous Location)

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I am so glad I found Daniel Landon and highly recommend his services.

Daniel pushed me further than I thought I could go but I felt safe in his arms and emboldened to explore my own sexual desires with him as an eager and willing participant. In fact I still can’t quite believe how far we went and how intensely pleasurable and satisfying it was. I loved lying on top, rubbing my pussy against his engorged cock with longing, and sitting astride him rocking back and forth with his cock deep inside me. I loved feeling the weight of his body pressing down on mine as I lay on my back, marvelling at the intensity of his desire for me and happily, eagerly surrendering to him. Afterwards I felt as if I had just had an amazing massage, all loose and relaxed with none of the muscular tension I usually use to grip and hold myself together. So thank-you Daniel…….

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Amy, Sydney