I live in the city and really want to experience spanking. I have thought about it for 20 years. I’m not into drugs, anything dangerous or weird, but I do crave a little more than what I have in my relationship with my partner. I’m almost 50 and don’t want to go to clubs, or bars, but don’t know how to find someone who can help me experience what I’m looking for. I Just read some of the comments on your site and thought I’d write to ask if you can help me at all?

Well, it’s always good to explore your desires. After 20 years, you must be a little impatient! Did you ask your husband if he would spank you or is it the excitement of a stranger that motivates you? Often more than not, if you ask, he will oblige. Albeit that he may need to do some research as to make sure it happens right!

If this doesn’t work, then perhaps he can be trained? This is certainly a possibility. He can be shown how to start, just let me know. And there are plenty of erotic novels that can serve as ‘how to’ guides. It is only as limited as your imagination.

Good Luck!