I recently had the screaming pleasure of booking Daniel for a few sessions and I’ve come away from the experience very, very impressed.

Ok, he ticks all the boxes you’d expect him to tick: yummy good looks, delicious body and generous boy bits.

But that’s not all…He’s enthusiastic, friendly, fun and very, very talented.

And amazingly intuitive.

He’s the man that will truly make your fantasies come true.

Even the ones you were not entirely sure you could share with another person, let alone with someone you’ve just met.

It’s like he’s got this direct line to a woman’s sexuality: he knows what you want, when you want it and is right every time.

He somehow knows your innermost thoughts… That’s what sets him apart.

He will make you feel like a million dollars and will blow your socks (and underwear) off in the process. Don’t go to Daniel if you want regular, average sex with a good-looking bloke.

Go to him if you want to grow sexually by leaps and bounds in a matter of hours and come back, on all fours, begging for more (and more, and more!..)

Jackie – Sydney.