I am really interested in exploring sub/dom and the world of kink. i want to experience it with someone who has a controlled presence and is an expert in the field. i have no idea about how this all goes, and what you offer… would love to be enlightened…

I am 43, married and have 3 children. I have been with my partner for 15 years. I have never been with anyone else in this time. I don’t feel at this stage i want to talk to him about my curiosities. I don’t know why? I am a far more sexual person than he is, and i feel i am more dominant also. He is a very mild man in every sense. I love him, but i feel he can’t offer me this??

I have been curious about the release of power for a very long time, if i were to be honest, since i was a teenager. I have never experienced it though.

I am not into the ‘kink’ scene – i don’t feel the need to visit the clubs, or dress up in any kind of way. I am purely interested in the sexual awakening that this role play may bring. I am interested to see if the reality is what i fantasise about.

How far can the experience go, does it end in penetrative sex – or is that not done in the sub/dom role playing?

A starting session for you would be a simple and slow introduction to erotic submission. This would involve slow touching, and soft spanking perhaps your hands and legs bonded with soft rope. You will feel a sense of release, and after a period of time a quiet mind with a tingle feeling, increased intensity turning sexual.

I will talk to you during this process so you shall learn the difference between retaining control and handing over control. This is a fun and interesting conversation, with live examples along the way. This can turn sexual, or it can stay with a boundary, you can choose, or you can go with the flow of it all.

We can have a session for a couple of hours that will go more likely for 3 in the city at a nice hotel one night.

It really begins by having trust. I am safe sexually, and always play safe. I respect any boundaries or restrictions, and expect the same. I also respect privacy and expect the same. Usually the next thing is to find a date that works, book a place for the evening, agree on the price, and talk about the outcomes. Once we have a guide in place and the formalities in place, then lets enjoy the journey, and I want to take you to that place you know exists. That space. The sub space, that you can only explore, if you learn to let go, to hand over control, willingly, and with faith.

Sometimes it is like squeezing through a small doorway, with a relief as you come through, expanding, exploring, exploding with energy.

I can only begin to explain.. you can only feel it to be able to put it into words…

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