Mr Daniel, I would like to experience you.

Will you be available in Melbourne? Also, I was wondering if you would be willing to give discounts. I’m reasonably sexy… and I trust you are too.

Perhaps we could work on some negotiations? How much would I be looking at for 2hrs?

From my research, it appears that you offer industry standard rates?

I am a Melbourne born 21 yo full time student. In the little time that I have away from my studies I am sexually insatiable.

I have yet to explore fetish which you appear to be a specialist in.

Your reviews are impressive

You could teach me a thing or two I assume.

Lastly, I am based in Melbourne where we shall rendez-vous.

Discretion is assumed.

Miss, I am feeling the pull of your sensual nature, and perhaps the rules can be broken, bent or a deal can be struck …  During the course of this week, I imagine you will be in fantasy about all the possible scenarios we can indulge in… ropes, slave to master, slight spanking, all sorts of teasing touching and even a little gentle torture… or is it costumes, and seduction, or little bits of fetish that will turn you on? Is it an outcome you desire, orgasms, cane marks on your buttocks, do you feel like blindfolds, forced or rough sex, or gentle feathers and soft fingers creeping inside your tight panties under your short skirt??

So many options, the fetish world is a pleasurable place, its where you can open your heart, and sexual nature to the greater good for yourself and for others… are you really ready? would you like to travel somewhere down this path with me??

I appreciate the exception… You won’t regret it, I’m sure.

Our playground will accommodate the adventure nicely.

I am not after any particular outcome. I’m in it for the ride.

Feathers and soft fingers sound nice but I’m bored of nice.

I can do nice.

How about you show me something a little more rough?

Ropes and spanking sound fun.

Surprise me.

Finally, I like to be naked so no costumes necessary.

Does this sound like you??

Contact Daniel and create your own story.