I’m a 32 year old female that has had some issues with sex. I have had partners that were very one sided when it came to sex and they didn’t allow me to become the women I wanted to be giving me minimum opportunity to be in control.

Does this sound a little like your last relationship?

This has caused me to avoid being in a relationship with a man because of my performance anxiety. I was wondering if you can help me with being on top and allowing me to practice being dominant?

I also wanted to know about the safety side of this service. Is there risks of std’s ? I have high levels of anxiety and it is something I’m concerned about.

I can understand your situation. I could help you with the performance anxiety. It would really be a matter of practice combined with confidence, and re-assurance. After a few times, you will then believe in your abilities.

Of course, it will be fine for you to be on top, to ‘control’ the levels of connection, as well as the degree of physical pleasure.

I believe that the most satisfying element of combined sex is when a woman pleases herself, causing (an open-minded) man to feel pleasure or satisfaction.

Connection is always the real point that makes the pleasure come to the surface.

It sounds like your previous relationships may have been a little self centered on the mans part. Perhaps they judged you due to their own lack of understand of their own sexual nature, and perhaps they were attached to what a man should do, or the default of a man having to please the woman, and pleasure her. There are certainly other ways to discover sexual nature, express it and share it.

If you are interested in experimenting with actually dominating me, then we can certainly discuss this as well, it’s a possibility.

There is no risk of STD’s as you may as we have none, and condoms are a policy of course.

I would suggest a few short sessions, or one long one, probably would give you the same results. I sounds like you may need to see me a few times before you will be able to go out and practice on a willing subject 🙂

Let me know if you think this is along the lines of what you imagined, and let’s keep talking.