I am nervous writing this as I have never acted on this before. I have been turned on by spanking and different aspects of BDSM since I have discovered my sexuality. I am 20 years old and it is stories about spanking whether it be erotic or discipline that get me the most turned on.

Does this sound like you?

I want to experience many different activities that I guess are ‘kinky’ such as discipline, humiliation, toys, masturbation and i have heard about g-spot orgasms, and oral sex just to name a few. This sort of activity is hard to experience with someone at the moment.

This is a common theme among sexual women in 2016.

I’ve found that on my own I can have intense clitoral orgasms and I can squirt, but when I am with men I can’t seem to achieve an orgasm or anything as near as the powerful ones I am able to give myself. I’d like to know a little bit more about what a session with you would be like?

Let’s start this discussion with a clear and bold statement – “Welcome to the rest of your life” …

You are young and your kink affliction will not disappear. it is not a bad thing, there are many of us in this world who live alongside the rest of society with a kinky edge on life. Just as you will, I and many do.

You are fortunate enough to recognize your needs, clever enough to be able to articulate them, and horny / kinky enough to try them out!

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well lets talk

The opportunity presenting itself is to align yourself with the right people to learn more from, and to learn about your sexual nature.

A session with myself, would be just one of these many experiences. Developing a sex positive life is entirely your choice. There is plenty to discuss, and I’m happy to make the time to talk.

A single session would simply be an experience, where you are safe and go deep into your kinky space, explore it and see what happens. It would then be a memory, and perhaps a benchmark for your next experience. Imagine it was a wonderfully fulfilling experience, and from then on, you created that sort of interaction with men. That would be wonderful.

The activities you describe in your email are those that belong to a submissive woman. Submissive sexually, not necessarily in life. Can you identify with that? A session would be an exploration of that space. Of handing over control, and allowing yourself to feel things, that you may or may not have imagined, both mentally and physically.

How does this work? (See what others have said about their experiences)

Well, let’s talk on email for a while. Tell me more about what you want, what you would like to try and what ideas you have. When we agree on the direction, we meet up in person.

Your options can include a one time session, where you are under no obligation to ever see or talk to me again, or a long term mentoring relationship, where we would set the boundaries and I would assist your growth spurt and introduce you to a world that you belong in. This would happen over a period of months perhaps even longer.

If this sounds like you let me know..