An excerpt from the diary of a sexually frustrated woman:

I have thought about male escorts, but purely in the realm of theoretical fantasy. I am in my early 40s, and have not been in any kind of intimate relationship since I was 21 (when my financee died), due to a myriad of psychological issues stemming from an abusive childhood experience. I doubt i’d actually want to have sex, but it would be nice to have a guy who could ‘perform’ for me.

Julie, Sydney.

Women who want to go this route should do so without fear just ask questions, just as you would of any prospective employee or contractor.

Then go with what you feel comfortable with.

Women are sexual beings with sexual urges and attractions – this often occurs without a love factor, despite what male doctors and religious bodies think. Women aren’t sexually dormant until they fall in love. It is not surprising that with more women in work and more women earning their own money and living their own lives that they would choose to pay for sex.

Its also not surprising that more women are owning their fantasy, defining it and chasing it down to play it out.

Women can own their power in the sexual world we live in, just ask for what you want.