My name is Rose, I am from Europe, and living in Melbourne now.

I am over 40, and feeling very sexually frustrated.

I have always been interested in experiencing spanking, but my disappointment, I haven’t had much success getting men to do this for me. You sound rather lovely and well even exciting, I am curious as to what this will feel like with you.

Can you call me so I can hear your voice?

– Are you married, have you had success in your relationships recently?

I am divorced from my husband of 12 years. Since then I have tried the online dating scene unsuccessfully. The men I found on these sites seemed to having no understanding of respect and are compromising my dignity as a woman. These relationships typically are ended after 3-4 dates.

– Can you tell me what went wrong with the last “spanking” you received?

I haven’t really experienced spanking… Yet 🙂

I have found that men aren’t comfortable doing this – they might just give me a couple of slaps and that’s about it. My ex-husband tried a few times, but it was too soft and did not meet a deeper desire I was feeling for..

– Can you talk about what sort of spanking you imagine receiving, and what you feel during and then afterwards?

I would like to receive more of an erotic spanking.

Not super hard that it’s hurting me. More a mix of spanking and sensual touching. So yes erotic exploration and a sexual experience.

I’m open to the experimentation 🙂 Just see where it leads ??

I want the spanking to be part of a sexual experience – not the only thing.

I want to experience as much as I can from you in the time we have.

I love erotic massage too.


These days it’s hard to find a guy that ‘gets’ women enough to have subtle empathy and be erotic at the same time. Daniel can meet a woman in her power.

When you engage with Daniel, expect to feel a healing sensation, in your heart and in your body. He will provoke you to feel strong and sexual, feminine and even demanding of pleasure – Sounds good doesn’t it!? It is good. Life can be full of that if you want.

Open your heart and your mind, and discover the possibilities of what you are capable of feeling… It’s a little more advanced than a couple of slaps from a tinder date 😇

IMG_20140329_123952“I had been considering booking Daniel for a while . It had been on my bucket list as his reviews were amazing and I was very curious. He certainly didn’t disappoint ! I was blown away by how amazing he was.  I was very nervous when I first met Daniel last night but he soon made me feel at ease and that I could remove my inhibitions and explore my sexuality in ways I hadn’t been able to before. I was interested in trying spanking which he initiated me into but I also have to say that his oral techniques were mind blowing and I had multiple orgasms which I never usually do. As I’m writing this I’m still tingling at the delicious thought of it all. It was continuous pleasure and so exciting to experience someone who is a master at what he does . His sexual energy and stamina were impressive as he fucked me in oh so many ways ! I felt that I could let go as I felt safe and Daniel made me feel so beautiful, sexy, special and loved for the time we were together .  I am already thinking about the next time I can see him again – I can see that I can’t stop at just one meeting !”


Give Daniel a call and make this your story.