A random fantasy

I’m already waiting when he arrives at the bar. He sits down orders a beer and smiles setting me at ease. The small talk and pleasantries follow… The bar is busy. No one notices us… Why would they… 2 random regular guys having a beer together.

He leans in a little closer his voice lower… So… He smiles… “I hear you wanna be my little cock sucking slut tonight… Is that true..?” His gaze is intense as he waits for his answer. My heart pounds in my chest and I blush which makes him smile. I can only nod. “Good” he smiles with a confident wink. “…and did you follow my instructions?” He smirks. “Yes I did” I murmur. “Show me” he whispers. I check to make sure no one is watching… Surreptitiously reaching down above my belt… Momentarily exposing the briefest glimpse of pink panty lace to him. He smiles making me blush again….

We finish our drinks… And head for the hotel. The lift takes an age but once inside we are alone together for the first time. He can sense my nerves. “Relax” he smiles and I try to. I feel his hand squeeze my buttock cheekily through my trousers. My heart skips a beat… It feels humiliatingly delicious.

Once in the room he sits down on the sofa. I pour 2 glasses of wine. He taps the sofa at the side of him indicating for me to sit down. I sip my drink as I feel his arm slip around my shoulder. Leaning close he whispers in my ear. I turn my body to face him and feel his lips brush mine. I feel the alien yet incredible sense of erotic submission that goes with “being kissed” by another man. Such a powerful taboo. It’s electric. My body aching to experience more.

He takes my hand and leads me through to the bedroom. We remove each other’s clothes in a blur and slip into the hot shower. Lathering each other. Touching each other’s bodies. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to another naked man. Again it feels taboo… Yet undeniably erotic. My arousal is obvious.

We move to the bed. My eyes feasting on his nakedness. “So… Are you ready to show me how much you crave my cock in your mouth slut…?” He muses. He is playing with my mind… Enjoying my internal conflict as I wrestle with my conscience. Lying back on the bed he takes a sip of wine… “Well..princess?” He teases. He wants to hear me admit it… It’s humiliating but it’s true and my embarrassingly emasculating admission sends a jolt of arousal through my entire body. “Yes” I murmur.

He points to the discarded panties. “Put them back on first” he instructs rather than asks. Self conscious I do as I’m told. It feels odd to obey. But at the same time it feels strangely liberating and I know deep down i’d be willing to do whatever he told me to right now. I stand before him and he points to his crotch. He pauses. He seems to be enjoying the power dynamic. “Ok… It’s time” he says.

My mouth is watering as I crawl between his legs. I use my tongue to explore him. Tasting. Licking. Kissing. Sucking. Feasting on his cock and balls.  It’s awkward and a little clumsy as you might expect from a “first timer” but there is no mistaking the enthusiasm and he moans his appreciation as he runs his fingers through my hair. I don’t stop until he tells me to.

Afterwards he pulls me up the bed and manhandles me onto my back and removes my panties.  He rolls on top of me and my thighs instinctively part for him and wrap themselves around him. Our cocks mash together as we kiss like lovers. My body melting for him as we grind together limbs entwined.  The sensations are completely at odds with everything I’ve ever experienced sexually. He is in control. He is the Yang to my yin. Tonight I am his.

Sometime later. I’m not sure how long even. He stirs. Still holding me in his arms he kisses me once more slipping out of bed. I watch him as he dresses. My post orgasm flush finally receding. He picks up his money and checks it’s all there. “You did well for your first time baby” he grins.

He leaves closing the door behind him and leaving me to wrestle with the delicious sensations of guilt, humiliation and arousal.


Hi Daniel. Thanks again for your time. It was great to be able to relax and enjoy your company and of course a great thrill to role-play out one of those fantasies that’s been spinning around in my head for a long time. You played your part to perfection.