I understand the trauma associated with concluding a marriage and the blocks that come up for a length of time thereafter. Imagine these shifting with your personal healing and energy work, now your next step is to unlock your erotic desires, your expression and give your permission for pleasure.
When you realise it’s time for you to realise your erotic potential again, you will need a safe person to start your journey with. Let’s open the door softly with erotic energy, Tantra. Well, let’s face it, this is really about being touched and moving through the fear of touch and opening up again to the pleasures of the flesh.
Of course, the tantra energy connects your heart, the spirit and the flesh into one powerful flow of love and pleasure, it’s a force that cannot be predicted truly, it has its own will. You let it seep in. The more you allow, the deeper your experience, the greater your being will feel. (and of course there is sexual pleasures as well)
When you face the fears you rewarded with pleasure.
Using your breathing, you can open your heart and become tantric.