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“I want to explore and learn more about the nature and art of sex and love making. I want to find out more about myself sexually.”

“Learning more about sexual nature is experiential. It means You have to participate to learn and grow. Have an open heart, an open mind, as well as practice with a partner who has a similar focus, and intention. If the general intention is well being, then the possibilities are there to break old patterns and become safe in the face of love and sexuality. If not, the damages are compounded, and the pattern of pain continues with every encounter. Make this experience something you take away with you. Release inhibitions and step into the lights.”

Daniel Landon.

Daniel Landon
Race/Ethnicity: White
Body Type: Sexy, Muscular, Fit
Age: 40
Height: 190
Weight: 151-160
Hair: Short Blonde/brown
Eyes: Blue
Mouth: Active
Kissing: Yes
Licking: Yes
Tattoos: Yes
Smoker: No
Social Drinker: Yes
Interests/Hobbies: Beach, Movies, Music, Photography, Travel, Spanking, Tantra, Sex
Favorite Web Site:
City: Melbourne


  • 20 years in the game, practicing professionally and personally.
  • Studied Tantra with the original Oceania and Icarus
  • Mentorship with the above said masters in the dragon breath level 1 and 2
  • Studied under Peter Masters teaching and guidance


These are the safety guidelines that we expect you and Daniel to adhere to at all times.

You must be over 18

You must be of sane mind – please don’t get offended if you are asked!

You must not be drunk or on mind or mood altering drugs – do not get offended if Daniel cancels the session if you appear ‘out of it’ – He will only operate in a conscious environment. – It is understandable that one may need a quick charge to get a little more courage for the first time, but if you can keep it to a minimum, you will enjoy your session more if you are not intoxicated.

SAFE SEX and SAFE WORDS are a must at all times – Safe words give everyone a measure of enjoyment and safety. Be sure to discuss your safe words, usually AMBER and MERCY before beginning your session, particularly if your session is booked to go into intense zones of mind or physical torment. (bondage and discipline clients)

If you are HIV Positive – YOU MUST TELL DANIEL – this is for the protection of everyone. Daniel will not discriminate in any way, simply take measures to make sure everyone is protected.

You must be consenting to the session – no one will be forced to anything that is not discussed already.

All fees are paid up front – Daniel has NEVER had any unhappy customers, you will always get what you expect and more.

Group Sessions – You can request that extra people attend the sessions, and this must be discussed previously with Daniel. Do Not ‘turn up’ with your partner, fuck buddy or kinky friends.

Massages – the massages are not an assumed full service. The massages are based on breathing techniques from tantric and reiki modalities that address your sexuality, and open your sexuality.

Place of Operation – Your hotel room is perfect, as long as your identity is confirmed. Otherwise Daniel operates out of various hotel apartments in the city. Calls to your personal residence are only appropriate after you have developed a rapport with Daniel. A few emails back and forward will suffice!

Safety is a key factor for both parties, if you are nervous or would like time to think about it.. just ask!

Midnight Callers.

Please do not bother calling in the wee hours of the morning, Daniel will not answer the phone.

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