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For Men

Daniel offers a safe environment for men to explore sexuality.

This type of exploration is as fun as it is confronting for those that are new. If you are openly gay or bisexual, a bit of both, or just dam curious to try sex with a man, this is the best way to get your rocks off!

If you are searching for something with a little difference, erotic massages are the best way to ease into this, no sex, no strings attached. Of course, Daniel offers you the full range of BDSM activities, and loves to control you. On special occasions Daniel will switch for you. Trust and communication are essential parts of this exploration.

Sir Daniel, It’s 825 Saturday morning, just having coffee and Breakfast before a business event all day. Just wanted to say Thank you for you, your experience and expertise. The fact that I felt comfortable with you within a few minutes allowed me to go to that awesome space. Still processing but gratitude is important in life not just in a thankful boy. Rick, Sydney.

If you are part of a couple, then of course she will want to watch you. This is perfectly OK, or if you prefer, let’s explore without her, then bring her in next time, as a couple. Of course, she can also visit with Daniel safely by herself, or you can watch her if you like. Daniel offers all sorts of kinky scenes, so stretch your imagination and let’s chat.

Personal, discreet,honest and direct – Daniel gives you an uncomplicated and safe evening as a single man, a woman or as a couple.

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