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SP40 - 8158I had been considering booking Daniel for a while . It had been on my bucket list as his reviews were amazing and I was very curious. He certainly didn’t disappoint ! I was blown away by how amazing he was.  I was very nervous when I first met Daniel last night but he soon made me feel at ease and that I could remove my inhibitions and explore my sexuality in ways I hadn’t been able to before. I was interested in trying spanking which he initiated me into but I also have to say that his oral techniques were mind blowing and I had multiple orgasms which I never usually do. As I’m writing this I’m still tingling at the delicious thought of it all. It was continuous pleasure and so exciting to experience someone who is a master at what he does . His sexual energy and stamina were impressive as he took me in oh so many ways ! I felt that I could let go as I felt safe and Daniel made me feel so beautiful, sexy, special and loved for the time we were together .  I am already thinking about the next time I can see him again – I can see that I can’t stop at just one meeting !

Rose, Melbourne.


When I heard Mistresses voice the second she entered, I swear I nearly passed out. I knew I was in a safe environment but I couldn’t help the anxiety I was experiencing. I spent the next few minutes trying not to work myself up into a panic, that almost failed when I heard You walk into the room with Mistress. It calmed me when Your voice calmed my though Sir, it was steady and strong as it always is so it steadied my nerves a little. Mistress… Her voice was soft and strong too, that steadied me a little further. My anxiety spiked back up a little when You took my blindfold off but I remembered to breathe properly this time. All that ran through my mind when I saw Mistress was ‘wow’. A little cheesy I know, but she’s very beautiful. Yesterday was the first time I went over someones knee. I was a little unsure at first but that changed as soon as I felt Mistresses warmth and her hands on my bottom. I loved her touch, she has such soft hands. When You started to lick my ears and say such sweet things and when both Yours and Mistresses hands were on me, spanking me… I have no words. Thank You for setting this fantasy straight for me, I will never forget.

Slavena, Sydney.

I need to thank you already… I think a switch has flicked again despite my difficult days… it was my turn to have a restless night, I kept waking up from very hot dreams about you…  I don’t get in touch with my naughty side much. I am glad it seems to want to come out and play with you. Xx

Sherrie, Adelaide.

You are very kind..  you sure know how to make someone feel special.. which is amazing.. i was in a mental space where i was feeling very low and just speaking with you made me feel so much at ease.. I think just talking to makes me want you near me kissing me..

Anon, Visitor to Melbourne.

Dear Sir, I just wanted to say thank you for your time and effort this afternoon. You were most generous with your time and talents, and i am certainly very appreciative of both. Have a fabulous weekend.

A, Melbourne.

take me awayHe took each arm and placed the rope over my wrists, I loved the feeling of the soft rope going around my wrists. He stood behind me and touched me. With his first touch, i knew that I was going places that I needed to go to. That I craved to go. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back towards him, he told me i was ready. The first sting across my ass, soft at first then hard, with each spanking my need got stronger and stronger until I felt my skin cum… i felt my body go into that space. He touched me, kissed me, he made me cum… I let myself go. My body felt deliciously used, tingling, my pussy drenched, needy. This man took me places I have never been. He took control, he taught me about myself and how too just let go. I knew that each time we would meet, would be different from the last, and each time I would be taken to a high that I can never describe to another person. This was just the beginning of our journey…

Anonymous, Sydney.

i am smiling nowSometimes if you are fortunate in life, the Universe will send you a gift of such magnitude that it takes your breath away. Daniel is such a gift. I knew something needed healing in my psyche and I was led into the safe and clever hands of Daniel. This extraordinary man is a revelation; he is a master magician and he bestows his gifts on you with true and clear intention, and the most beautiful energy. He intuitively leads you to your core, stripping away what you don’t need in the process and filling you up with his amazing sexual healing. Sex with Daniel is so much more than sex;  so much deeper than pleasure; so far beyond physical. He knows what you need and he gives it with love, respect, care and wonderful enthusiasm. Thank you for tonight – I had a feeling it was going to be a significant encounter, and it was for me – thank you for the energy, the healing – and the absolutely beautiful sex.

Donna, Melbourne. 

I want youI am so glad I found Daniel Landon and highly recommend his services.

I came to him completely inexperienced, a virgin in my early thirties whose crippling anxiety and fear of intimacy, intercourse and men in general was keeping me single, alone and isolated. I didn’t make the decision to hire an escort easily or lightly but felt that I needed to make a choice, either to work through these issues in a safe, supportive environment or to accept the solitary future that stretched before me. Choosing Daniel was empowering and meant I was able to put aside a few of my fears, using my time with Daniel to build confidence and explore sexuality without the emotional ties, high hopes and expectations of finding a long term partner within a budding relationship. The professional distance between us as escort and paying customer also made me feel safe from becoming needy, clingy and overly attached to him. In the first session he made me feel attractive, supported, loved and intensely desirable while deflowering me with sensitivity, skill and patience, always attentive to my needs and desires. It was the best of both worlds and exactly what I had craved for so long but never expected to find.

Daniel pushed me further than I thought I could go but I felt safe in his arms and emboldened to explore my own sexual desires with him as an eager and willing participant. In fact I still can’t quite believe how far we went and how intensely pleasurable and satisfying it was. I loved lying on top, rubbing my pussy against his engorged cock with longing, and sitting astride him rocking back and forth with his ____ deep inside me. I loved feeling the weight of his body pressing down on mine as I lay on my back, marvelling at the intensity of his desire for me and happily, eagerly surrendering to him. Afterwards I felt as if I had just had an amazing massage, all loose and relaxed with none of the muscular tension I usually use to grip and hold myself together. So thank-you Daniel…….

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Amy, Sydney.

It was a trip to Paris or this. My life has gone in a direction I would never have imagined. I would never have seen myself doing what I have done in the last few years with Daniel but I am really glad I have and I think it’s due to the freedom. There’s a lot more freedom for women now.

Jeanette, Melbourne.

horseyThe way you taught him to touch me, was so sensual and so divine. You are truly an artist. His presence – a stranger’s presence – was titillating, it was anonymous and potentially dangerous, but I trusted to the situation because of you. Other than that, his presence did not concern me – he was just an actor in a scene of your creation. He also did not concern me, but that you directed my mouth between his and yours was divine even though I was greedy for you only. I loved the direction you gave with your fingers against my chin.

Dicegirl, Melbourne.

I am tryingAnd here he is, all James Bondish in a suit. I had sent him a text earlier that said ” Please no aftershave or man colognes I want to smell YOU” His answer, he wouldn’t shower or he would jog around the block before he came in! The thought of him running outside, circling the Hotel was just too delicious! And now here he was standing in Room 305 in the almost dark. I know I spoke too much because of my nervousness, was happy to hand him the Bollinger to pop as we settled on the couch. Appreciated the way his eyes shone as they cruised over my cleavage. Was that a hungry devilish look I saw? I prattled on regardless as he continued to caress my breasts with his eyes and asked me questions about what I would like. I knew that what I would like would change every 5 mins, from wanting to be the Ho with him in bed wearing glasses (he liked this fantasy) and reading the Wall St Journal to him throwing me on the bed and taking control. Before I could finish what I was saying he took me over to the bed and began the beguine. Four hours of wonderful fucking! Each time I thought it’s time for a change, he read me beautifully and changed pace, position, intention. He went to places I never knew were there, deep uncharted places that had not been reached in eternities and he went there with me…. there were times I thought I would break, where I sobbed, where I let out such strange sounds I thought they were his or belonged to some other worldly creature. When I thought I was lost or falling, he would re-assure me, “I’ve got you … I won’t let go” or “Breathe into the blank space” or “You can let it go”, sometimes his penis would trigger the conscious movement to occur, other times it would be his steady present awareness holding my heart, my hips, my nothing and everything! There was a moment when he was ______ me so deeply at the same time pressing his hand into a very painful spot in my left hip, “that’s the worst it will get” he purred….. and I could feel my pelvis open drop and release. Is there a poetry for this kind of thing?

Trinity Belle, San Fran.

shoulder“Daniel Landon is magnificent. Whenever I see Him I am transformed, and I sink more deeply than I ever have before. He goes beyond my fantasy and pushes me further than I thought I could go. I am filled with anticipation at the thought of seeing Him, and my adrenalin flows when I hear His voice. I relish every minute He allows me to spend with Him, and I trust His expertise and skill.”

Miss Anonymous, Melbourne.

it wasnt me“I’ve had a long time, on going fantasy with being spanked but am a beginner in the world of fetish and bondage. Daniel was firm and direct, but patient and nurturing to my needs from the very first moment. He pushed me to new limits and taught me how to use my breathing and the pain to go deeper into myself and the experience. I learnt how to use the sensations to orgasm just with the slap of his hand. Daniel was sensual and dominant with his touch and command, I had pleasure, emotions and sensations like I’d never experienced with anyone before.”

Teddy, Melbourne.

naughty“Until meeting Daniel I did not trust anyone to explore my fantasies of spanking and bondage.  From the very beginning Sir Daniel was strict and commanding, but incredibly patient and respectful of my limits. Sir Daniel taught me breathing techniques that allowed me to relax and let my body experience the sensations at a level I never achieved before.  In a firm, but encouraging way, Daniel expanded the boundaries of my body and mind.  I have always felt safe while under His control and I have gained a deeper understanding of myself.  I could not think of anyone better to guide me through my ecstasy.”

Alison, Gold Coast.