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Thoughts on Tantra

Tantra is life. It is a part of life.

Tantra is a balance of spirituality and sexuality.

One who knows tantra practices tantra, because he or she is alive and breathing.

He or she does so because there is no choice.

After knowledge arrives, your growth begins.

To practice tantra is to share knowledge, through doing, activating.

Breathing, touching, feeling, understanding yourself – and others.

When communicating openly, sexuality begins, as does the journey toward a better life.

There is tantra in all Daniel Landon sessions, because of these reasons.

Tantra massage? If it is a massage, it is tantric.

Tantra in Sex? If there is sex there is tantra.

Tantra in bondage and restraint? Of course, there can only be the connection if you participate.

Tantra in a deep BDSM scenes? WELL you tell me.. are you open to tantra?

Of course you are, tantra will expand your mind, body and soul.

Daniel Landon.