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Prepare yourself for an erotic discourse. A discussion that will reveal more than you expect. In order to change the way you think about sexuality, you must be prepared to take the plunge. You are kinky, open and intelligent. You are considering exploration, yet you are finding you cannot get the right treatment. Let go of your fear, you have come to the right place.

Your fantasy, can be played out in real life, in a sane and consensual manner. We will discuss an arrangement that suits you, respects your limits, and allows you to feel free.

Daniel Landon has 20 years experience in erotica, kink, sexual nurture and all forms of intimacy and relationships. He now offers you the opportunity to explore what you have, to expand with control, and to let go completely. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

The following are a selection of real client reviews. Only the names and places have been changed. Feel free to ask any questions.

SP40 - 2162From the very first moment I started to correspond with Daniel Landon it was clear this was a uniquely gifted man. In the flesh Daniel emanates a sexy, permeating wisdom and intoxicating eroticism. With his gorgeous body, ingenious hands and compassionate mind he paves the way for a sensual journey which continues within me long after I part his physical company. So few women ever really get to explore their sexuality fully. Our lives can end up full of skewed images and twisted perceptions of sex and who we should be. So few women ever get to experience a man who sees a woman’s sexuality as her equal, natural expression and extension of herself. Daniel is simply amazing and is a step you won’t ever regret taking. It makes me deeply happy that he exists. Every woman should French kiss a man like Daniel before they die🙂

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Let's get started she screamed... cause it sure as hell ain't gonna spank itself!
Let’s get started she screamed… ’cause it sure as hell ain’t gonna spank itself!