I’m lying on the bed with my hands tied and a blindfold over my eyes.

I hear you enter the room quietly.

I shiver as I feel your fingers run lightly up and down my body and I sigh as your mouth replaces your fingers and you kiss me lightly everywhere before concentrating your attention on my nipples sucking and teasing with your tongue.

I moan as I feel other things running over my body …a feather, silky material and then a soft whip running up and down my body, this teasing making me long for more.


I beg and you read my mind your lips and tongue running down my body until you reach my inner thighs.

You kiss and nibble there and breathe on my pussy and I sigh as you finally run your tongue over my clit…….

Omg this is turning me on writing these !

Daniel, can you show me more about myself? Can you fill my body with your strength, and show me what it feels like to express my erotic desires?

I am wearing a very short dress which barely covers my sexy black knickers as you stride into the room.

“You have been a very bad girl and I have no choice but to punish you” you say as you push me on to the bed.

I’m nervous but a thrill of anticipation goes through me at the thought of what you might do.  You pull me over your knee, pushing my dress up and I sigh as you start caressing me through my knickers.

I gasp as you pull them  down abruptly and start spanking first one cheek then the other, the force pushing my clit against your hard body.

The sensations you are creating are making me moan and you alternate between hard and soft spanking and running your fingers over my clit and up and down my body.

I don’t want you to stop as it feels amazing but you do stop saying “oh no you’re not allowed to cum – this is your punishment remember !”

You lift me up off the bed and push me against the wall and then thrust up into me suddenly.

I feel like screaming as your thrusts become faster and stronger……..

Talk to me Daniel, I want to hear your soft voice in my ear again.

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